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  • Electric heat tracing system can be used for road snow melting system


    With the coming of rain and snow in winter, due to road, ramp and flyover at the frozen ice and snow, there is a danger of accident, personal injury, property loss and so on. The road ice and snow melting system, through the detection of ice and snow, providing the appropriate heat, prevent the production of ice and snow, to avoid the occurrence of danger.

    Xu glow with thermal system for road of snow can realize ramps, bridges, roadways, walkways, parking and outdoor stairs outdoor facilities of soluble snow, and ice, in order to ensure the safety of the pedestrian area.

    This system is suitable for asphalt concrete pavement brick, and other special.


    Clean the road, people no ice in distress; avoid expensive traditional road snow removal method brings and except for the snow melting agent brought to the pavement damage; effective melting ramp, ladder, a helicopter landing station and other pavement snow, removal of dangerous and reduce the inconvenience;

    The system does not need to be on duty, starts automatically; the design and installation is quick and convenient.


    (1) safety: heating cable floor heating road system for people to provide safe living space. The inconvenience caused by snow and ice for pedestrians and vehicles in winter as well as damage to buildings will no longer exist. Especially in front of the installation, providing security for the winter. Can automatically measure the dissolution of the work area to seek, timely start and close.

    (2) economic and reasonable: the laying area of the ice and snow at any time can be removed to avoid large amounts of salt, artificial shovel snow and frost damage. Traffic accidents can be reduced, and the safety performance of pedestrians and vehicles can be improved.

    (3) cleaning the snow and ice and salt and other resources to the environment caused serious damage to the environment, and this system is the use of the most clean, effective power, by the user.